I worked with Dr. Elliott Rosen, a Parenting Coordinator based in New York, to completely redesign his professional website
Dr. Rosen’s website was packed with advice for parents navigating high-conflict divorce situations. The website was intended not only to act as an information center for this group, but also to establish Dr. Rosen’s private practice online. 
For my part, as the designer, I took into account these two distinct yet related functions so they would operate together seamlessly. The resulting website offers a positive user experience for both audience groups.
The issues:
The client’s former website was dated and badly needed an aesthetic facelift.
Though the site contained a trove of valuable resources, the unclear navigation made the content difficult to access.
The visuals depicting stressful situations evoked discomfort instead of the promise of easing stress. 
The solutions:
Simplify the navigation
Break up content-heavy areas into smaller sections
Add intra-text links to sub pages with more in-depth information 
Update and clean up overall appearance of all site elements
Create friendly and welcoming hero image introducing user to Dr. Rosen's practice and work as a Parenting Coordinator
Homepage before redesign
Homepage after redesign
It was clear that a key factor in creating a positive user experience would be the ease of access to information. 
Because of the text-heavy nature of the content, it was important that the placement of information throughout the site to be intuitive. Limiting the amount of pages displayed in the main navigation prevented user-overwhelm.
Instead, a drop down menu now appears automatically when mousing over the umbrella question, "Why use a parent coordinator?" This keeps the content organized while still conveying the depth of information that is available on the site. To see the final product of the strategy, you can experience the live site here
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