About the Work
CARES for COVID-19 is an initiative born from the Central New York Regional Healthcare Equity Task Force to promote equitable access to vaccinations. The mission of CARES for COVID-19—Community Healthcare Workers Accessing Resources for Equity in Syracuse—is to address disparities in health outcomes for communities within the city of Syracuse who are disproportionally impacted by COVID-19.
The program increases the capacity of the task force to train and engage Community Healthcare Workers from the affected communities. The CHWs will be present in various community settings to deliver evidence-based interventions to increase vaccinations among the target populations, as well as access to health, social services, and COVID-19 recovery resources.
Before launching the program, CARES needed a visual identity to establish their visual brand in alignment with their mission. After learning about their vision and the activities CARES will carry out, we could start to identify what the physical attributes of the brand should look like.
During this process the team expressed their deference to the visual concept of a “helping-hand” or a hand offering support. At the same time, we also knew the brand would need bold, confident colors to project a their change-making energy. 
Drawing on the city’s strong ties to its eponymous University, we arrived at the orange-in-hand logo concept. The final logo demonstrates CARES’ community-mindedness, and nods to a region-specific point of pride.
mood boards exploring proposed visual language
social media content introducing the initiative

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