About the Project
Kate Barrow is a nonprofit leader who helps individuals and organizations strengthen their management practices. Her consulting work takes a comprehensive approach to addressing core setbacks frequently faced by social service nonprofits. 
As a brand strategist and designer, my role was first to learn about Kate’s business goals, and fully explore the principles that guide her professional practice. After working together to define and articulate these ideas, the next stage of our work was to build out a visual identity that centered around this new core brand.
Armed with the brand personality attributes uncovered during the discovery phase, moodboards were compiled to represent the look and feel of potential design directions.
mood boards for the selected design direction 
The Logo
With a visual language mapped onto core brand attributes, we began the logo development process in a purposeful way—one that was grounded within the context of the overall brand.
The winning concept for Kate's logo was a hexagonal mark in a rich, goldenrod yellow. Reminiscent of a honeycomb, the brandmark references a meaningful metaphor within Kate’s work: For their intricate honeycomb structures to thrive, honey bees manifest the ultimate display of cooperation and inclusivity. Through Kate's trainings, workshops, and organizational consulting, she support clinical leaders in doing the same—navigating complex systems through an inclusive lens.
selection of pages from brand identity guidelines:
service description documents and layout templates for newsletters

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