About the Work
The Initiative for Medicines, Access, & Knowledge (I-MAK) is a team of attorneys, scientists, and health experts whose mission is to build a more just and equitable medicines system for all.
I developed the visual concepts and executed the design for their 2023 study, The Burden of Patent Thickets. The work included infographic content, charts & graphs, and the final report layout. 
For the visual style to enhance the actual content of the report, It needed to channel the serious tone of the study’s findings. I selectively applied elements of I-MAK’s visual identity to maintain recognizability, but built out a more tone-appropriate series of visual elements to apply to the content. 
See the full study here.
I-MAK describes the findings like this: 
"This study exposes the profound impact of extended patent protection that limits biosimilar competition and maintains high drug prices for patients and payers. The study highlights the staggering $158 billion in revenue amassed by drugmakers after the expiration of primary patent protection from just four biologic drugs: Humira, Avastin, Rituxan, and Lantus"

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