About the Work
Civic Spirit is an organization whose work enhances civic education and belonging for students attending faith-based schools. 
Their team was set to pilot a new program, “We the Educators,” when they decided they would need outside help to get traction and increase signups. I was brought on alongside a messaging and marketing strategist to create a brand around the program.
Program Logo
One aspect of the event branding was a program specific logo. A key theme in our messaging was to frame the program as a kind of "gift" to teachers—offering them a chance to themselves be the students. 
This theme felt especially prescient during the early phases of the ‘new normal’ era, when educators were overburdened across the board, and working overtime to keep up with the changing landscape of online learning. 
With this in mind, I created a logo that conveys the uplifting tenor of the program through the rounded typography and refreshed take on the torch from the original Civic Spirit logo. I wanted to retain the torch imagery so that the mark would still evoke Civic Spirit's broader mission, and invoke the concept of “passing the torch” of civic education from one generation to the next.
The program took the form of a three-week symposium, where educators were invited to participate in interactive seminars and practical workshops led by experts and scholars with diverse backgrounds in educational fields.
The symposium featured pedagogical workshops for teachers to gain practical tools to help students develop in three key learning areas: democratic fluency, civic skills, and civic belonging. The focus areas were assigned icons to signify the topic of each event. The icons were used throughout the program on print and digital assets. 

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